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Krisana Polyotha

My first food review

Bite Me Burger Co. in Southampton


“Bite Me? Don’t mind if I do!”

Are you a very indecisive person? How about your partner? Your mate? Well, it doesn’t matter because this restaurant is allowing you to do a “pick & mix” with their mini-burgers. It comes in duo, trio, quad, dozen and twenty-four sharing box. Step into this restaurant and it will automatically make you feel sexy but not guilty about eating multiple (mini) burgers and you should feel that way because their ideology is size doesn’t matter. Personal recommendation is to get the Classic American, it’s well presented but you’re still ready to get mess it up! Not sure if the buns are Brioche because it’s so moist and soft but my mouth saying bring it on, yeah. However, it has that strong smell of beef, as it is medium cooked, but if you want to change that. Just request the staff. A little bird told me that their beef is a premium Galician beef from North West of Spain, no wonder why it feels fresh, it’s only across the English Chanel. If you want a side? Go grab their side chicks Get Plucked. The Holy Pluck chicken cone is heavenly aromatic with its sacred Holy Pluck sauce. When you wrap your mouth around it, you can say Amen to that. On another hand, you cannot rest in peace until you try their White Minted Chocolate Milkshake. It is so refreshing and smooth, you would fell relieve and feel like you’re reborning into a different person. Caution do not drink this too quick because you will still get a brain freeze…

Personally, I’d like to go in when it’s quiet because that’s when you get the best service from the staff and quality from the chef. Recommend going during daytime on weekdays. In summary, it was a messy and sexy experience.


Krisana Polyotha

1st Year Media Production Student

Wannabe World Class Foodie @thekrisana (Instagram)

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