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Audio 2.1

In this week with Frankie, we focuses on the role of the group work in audio, and on the role of communication in groups. We have a group working exercise to get us thinking, and we’ll be learning how to communicate to reach consensus decisions.

It was quite easy for me to listen to the podcast but writing was quite difficult, because I didn’t know where to start, and wasn’t sure what I wanted to include. Give it a read in Audio 1.1 blog post.

Radio is a team game! Everyone has different roles. Give Chris Evans Breakfast Show Pilot a watch!

There was:

  • Executive producer
  • Audio designer/composer
  • Sound engineer
  • News team
  • Travel team
  • On-air team
  • Producing team
  • Script writer
  • Guests recruiter

To make a good team:

  1. Roles need to be identify.
  2. Rules need to be agreed.
  3. Progress need to be monitored.

Teamwork makes the dream work…


Then, we did a RNLI quiz. It turns out I work better by myself than in a group but it was only 2 points different.

Tips on reaching a consensus in this type of exercise:

  • Consensus is hard to achieve but much better to argue with logic than to use a majority vote.
  • Avoid win-lose stalemates, as everyone need to buy in to the eventual solution if possible.
  • View differences of opinion as creative because the more ideas, the more potential for conflict, but also the richer the pool of resources to choose from.
  • Be careful of reaching agreement too soon, before all options have been carefully considered.
  • Try to argue your case calmly and with logic to appreciate the views of others even if different from my own. BE NICE TO EACH OTHER!!!

Additionally, I have learnt to build up good team chemistry, the team needs to be in a discomfort set-up environment. Everyone in a team is different, as we do not have the same attitude, knowledge and goals.

So far, so good! I get along with everyone in my class. However, there is a rumour that they will move me to a whole different class due to an error of my timetable and the uni is currently fixing it. So, is there a point of convincing someone to work with me? Do I even need to think about who should I work with yet? We will see…

This is an analysis of how Stitcher and Vox Media Podcast Network’s ‘Today, Explained’ team relate to each other in ‘Did China just dunk on the NBA?’ episode (11/10/19).

Before host presenter (Sean Rameswaram) starts talking, the production team have prepared him on: what the topic is about; who is being invited; when archive pieces are playing, and how today’s show is structured etc. An archive piece was from a South Park episode. Prior this the producers must contact South Park to see if they’re able to use it. People who are duty-bound for this would be the legal team or producer(s) who has a good understanding of laws. The producers (Brigid McCarthy, Haleema Shah and Amina Al-Sadi) should done their researches and discuss if this piece of audio is suitable for this episode and when will be the best time to put it in. Person who inserted this would be their audio engineer Efim Shapiro. There were many archive news reports also, the process would be very similar too. Nevertheless, the producers must discuss on who they are inviting and who were available. Respectively, they were able to get Chris Mannix (Sport Illustrated) and Matt Stroller (Open Market Institute Fellow). Finally, person who is obliged for the scores throughout the show is their musical composer/producer Noam Hassenfeld.





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