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Krisana Polyotha

Audio 2.2

In this session, it is about studio operation and recording: “driving the desk”, hosting, presenting, and contributing.


Okay this is the most similar mixing board I can find on google images.

  1. Open Adobe Audition > File > New.
  2. Test the sound on each (microphone) channel.
  3. It should be around the -6 to -12 (orange area).
  4. Click record when you’re ready.
  5. Pause to take break, stop to stop recording.
  6. Give it a listen (repeat the process for improvement).

In this session, we recorded our voice and we’re going to input this just before our quick vox-pox from previous session. One thing Paul told us to be aware of is the “p” and “b” sounds, as it usually will up the volume to the red zone.

I didn’t stay much longer in this session because Paul (my lecturer) want me to get my timetable sorted first before it gets out of hand. Also, I’ve already done this last year.


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