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Krisana Polyotha

Photography 2.2

As I was saying in my previous blog post, I couldn’t attend today’s lecture because I went to the one that I meant to be going to. However, now that we have had a session on digital workflow, we are going to look at the different file formats that are used including JPGs, TIFFs and shooting in RAW.

Check out this website for a better understanding on JPGs, TIFFs and RAW.

In summary, JPGs is better to use when you want to publish on social media or print it out. Whereas, TIFFs and RAW is better for editing on various photo editing programmes (e.g. Bridge or Photoshop).

Geoff Petty’s creative process (ICEDIP):

  • Inspiration
  • Clarification
  • Distillation
  • Perspiration
  • Evaluation
  • Incubation

My creative process is “f*** it, just go out there and start shooting!” Then, I’d look through the images and I will pick the one that I like and just need to give good reasons why I want to develop this, and move it forward, and why I’ve chosen this above everything else. From there, I would just go with the flow but with good intentions and reasons. In addition, getting feedbacks from your lecturer(s), colleagues and friends is a great way to develop your work because it’s allowing you to see other people’s perspectives. Coming to a dead end? Just go with your second best option. Again, give a good reason why. One of the beautiful thing about being a creative student, there is never a dead end, if there is you’re not being creative enough!

I have been thinking of doing a collaboration with either a film or a fashion student. Positively, I have been working with fashion students before last year. So, I have the experience of knowing what they want. However, it would be good as well to go for a film student, as I have basic understanding of film because I am a media student. Also, it’s good to start working on different type of project. Therefore, I can show my potential clients that I am specialised on various fields. However, I can’t put any words around my final products because I am getting mark on the photography only. Therefore, I can go for an alternative route like architecture photography (discovering the unknown) or working for a client (modelling). These two are something that I need to consider for the future.

To be continue…

Thank you.

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