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Krisana Polyotha

Audio 3.1 (formally 3.2)

So this is kind of confusing because 0.2 Audio session with Steve/Paul is now 0.1, and Audio with Frankie is now with Ani and it is 0.2. Get it? It’s cool you don’t have to get it. But at least my time table is sorted though!

In this session, we get to do a linear editing using Adobe Audition. For me, I am quite lucky because last year I have already done this but it’s good to do a quick recap. All we have to do was make sure the volume from each tape is similar to each other (should have the consistency in the orange area), as they all have different volume. This is also an opportunity to work out which is tape should stay and which one should be deleted. Also, we can crop out the silent, “um” and “errr”. Then we need to save it as WAV. and there you go! Kaboom!


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