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Krisana Polyotha

Audio 3.2 (formally 3.1)

For this week we went through assessment brief again. I am not going to repeat myself so go have a look in my Audio 1.1.

What do I know about Radio Sonar? It’s our university radio society. Where student gets to practice and run a show for 1 hour. Guess who is running a show every Wednesday at 7pm. That’s right, you know who it is… Me!

Next week, I am going to listen to a radio sonar show. Write down at least 4 elements that I think were successful and 3 things that it could have been improved.

We then have to interview each other on our table:

  • What societies have you joined?
  • What society surprised you?
  • Why do you think it is important that universities have societies?
  • What society would you start?

James said he joined tennis society and the other two still haven’t join any society. UFO society was the most surprising one. However, little bird told me that this society has been folded (wonder why?). We all came up with a conclusion, societies were created to build up networking with people who has the same interests, socialising, and to get better at something. Last but not least, I’d love to create an Asian society because I do feel like I am the only Asian guy in the university even though there are plenty of us.

For group Dynamics:

Few issues that might arise:

  • Poor discipline.
  • Uneven workload.
  • Conflict with each other opinions.

Few benefits of  working in a group:

  • Prepare for the real world teamworking.
  • Shared workload.
  • Adaptability.

Scenario 1:

A few group members seem to be doing a lot of the same kind of activities and you are worried the outcome is going to sound repetitive.

Solution: have a group meeting and go through it together. Make sure it doesn’t sound repetitive. Next time, set up a clear direction on who is doing what.

Scenario 2:

Someone else in your group has done an interview but it’s not very good. The sound quality is poor and they haven’t used the questions that you wrote together.

Solution: Make sure there is a sound engineer to listen to the zoom recorder whilst interviewing, set the recorder at a mature volume. After interview listen through it. Repeat the interview (if needed). Also, write down a quick note for the interviewer and sound engineer to remind themselves not to miss a question.

Scenario 3:

The leader in the group is not attending sessions and is not responding to messages on the group chat.

Solution: Try get in contact with the leader via phone. If that person is not responding, then elect a temporary leader or a new one (depending on the situation).

Scenario 4:

There are loads of great ideas but the group can’t come to any decision.

Solution: Everyone move to a corner of the room not allow to see each other paper. Write down who has the best idea. Also, their name on it to make sure they’re not voting for themselves. If the results are very even get an alternative vote from your big boss or lecturer (in our case).

We need to complete our group contract on roles, attitudes, behaviour and communication.

So I will be taking part in producing, presenter and sound engineer. Attitude? Obviously 110%. Behaviour, c’mon we’re adults here. Communication? Facebook group created and everyone has my phone number so it’s cool beans.

Reflection time:

To be honest, I don’t really know about the threats within our group because I just got move to this class. Positively, there is Ali who was foundation student from last year and we have experience on this. I believe doing this assignment would help me improve my radio and presenter skills, which is one of the things I want to get into after graduation. Let’s think about it! How cool would it be to get paid for interviewing interesting people.






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