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Krisana Polyotha

Photography 3.1 (formally 3.2)

Same as audio sessions, 0.1 is now 0.2 and vice versa. I still have Matt and Frankie as my lecturer. In Matt’s seminar today, we will be looking at photographic composition and how to improve upon the design elements of my photography. We will look at the following:

  • composition
  • subject placement
  • the rule of thirds
  • leading lines (lines and paths)
  • balance
  • creative focus
  • framing

Things that makes a successful photograph:

  • simplicity
  • composition
  • lighting

To compose a photograph, I need to focus on:

  • subject
  • context
  • subject placement

Composition: the rules of third


Lines and paths (visible lines):

  • create impact by using lines to lead the viewers eyes around the picture.
  • lines have subtle effects but can make a dramatic impact.


Your eyes should naturally follow the stairs handrail.

Lines and Paths: implied lines



  • By balancing our images we can create a visually pleasing result.
  • This should help the view’s eyes move freely around the image.

Type 1: symmetrical balance


Type 2: asymmetrical balance


Selective focus:


Framing: a frame within a frame


Avoid distraction:

Can you spot the differences between those two images above?

Choose a format (for Matt):

Which one is better?

Consider variety:

Having more is better than none.

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