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Krisana Polyotha

Production 3.1

Last week I’ve been given a task of finding a story and turn it into a programme idea. Give it a read and tell me what you think.

This week is about content research and understanding the needs of your target commissioner, platform or channel. Our target commissioner is BBC THREE.

According to Kathryn Ballard, whom is our information librarian for Media and Culture. She advises us to use Solent Portal page > Library > LibGuide by subject > Media and Culture. We can get access to useful resources like:

  • C21 (subscribe only)
  • Statista
  • Mintel

I have partnered up with our student rep (as I have now step down from being one of them because we only need one not two) Andrew Menhennet. He interests in doing a documentary, whilst drama is my personal interest.

BBC Three commissioning:

  • Target audience 16-34 year-olds.
  • Tackling subject that matter to them.
  • They back original voices and unique ideas.
  • To provoke reaction and stimulate emotion.
  • ‘Make me laugh’ and ‘make me think.’
  • Recently, expanded they remit to factual entertainment and entertainment formats.

As I wanted to Drama:

Now we can take advantage of BBC Three digital platform, we can be flexible in terms of form, content and tone by commissioning shows with shorter episode lengths, or even episodes of varying lengths with a series (i.e. Overshadows).

The show should speak directly to younger audiences and representing what it means to be young person in Britain today (i.e. Normal People).

BBC Three will likely to publish the short-from on BBC Three, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, Snapchat and other (where audiences are more likely to interact with). They will commission:

  • one-offs that compliment seasons or long-form programmes.
  • pilots with a view to a longer run.
  • strands exclusively for social media.
  • compelling series of multi-platform shorts that can be stripped or serialised across platforms with clever scheduling and activation strategies around them.
  • Also, they are open to discussing form and volume and looking for the most innovative ideas with fresh and distinctive execution.

In pairs, we have to select a programming strand for analysis. We could either go to BBC THREE website or to its iPlayer. So we choose (23/10/2019), as it has clear link to social media than iPlayer.

Then we had to make a index for channel content in strand. So, we decided I will research the top part and Andrew do the bottom half of Editor’s pick.

We should be considering:

  1. Key features: content, structure and narrative.
  2. How is the show presented by the channel?
  3. How is social media used to enhance the digital offer?
  4. Who is the target audience for the programmes?
  5. What are the typical characteristics?
  6. What does BBC 3 brand look like?
  7. What does it feel like?
  8. Market characteristics?
  9. Audience demographics?
  10. Viewing figures?

We should summarise BBC 3 programme style in a few sentences.

In conclusion section we need to focus on BBC 3’s gap in the market. What new ideas could we come up with?

Hopefully, I can answer all these questions in week 7.

Thank you.

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