Audio 4.1

Today, we were doing multi-track editing on Adobe Audition. Again, same as last week I already have an experience of doing this before. Therefore, it was a quick recap for me. All I need to worry about is thinking about which WAV file should go where, in their best particular orders. The only time consuming thing about this is I have to experiment with it to make it sounds acceptable but it will be worth it. Add a melody music in the background to prevent boredom for the audience. Do a fadeaway at the end to finish it off. If you have to cut some of the file then do it, as long it sounds professional.

Top tip: play around with the volume at the start, to catch your audience attention.

Then remember to save it and export it as WAV.

I was one hour late today. Therefore, next time I need to make sure I get a good night sleep and take care of myself better try not to miss or be late to a lecture because it’s very crucial to the degree. Maybe I can look up for a Time Management book in the library to improve my future action(s).

Published by kproductionuk

My name is Krisana Polyotha and I'm 20 years old. Currently, I am a student of Southampton Solent University doing Media Foundation course. I am an aspiring film maker and a photographer who's interested in making music videos, short films and taking images of unique sceneries. I was born in Bangkok, Thailand but then moved to the UK since 2006. I was raised in Yorkshire for 12 years and now I am a university student who's hoping to graduate with degree of Media, Culture and Production in 4 years time. After I graduate I am hoping to be able to work in the media industry, especially in making films. This is because I was aspired by a documentary called "Five Came Back" which is about these legendary film directors from the 20s to 40s who attempted to inspired, entertained and educated the peers during and after WW1 & WW2. I wished to do the same but hopefully there will not be WW3.

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