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Krisana Polyotha

Audio 4.2

Our task last week was to listen a podcast on Sonar Radio:

4 elements that I think were successful:

  • Speaks really smoothly (got that flow in it!)
  • Pronouncing words really clearly
  • Communication skills were very acceptable for the target audience, whom is the students
  • Fading of the music was really good.

3  things that it could have been improved:

  • They could greet the audience
  • Introduce themselves
  • There was slight overlapping and cutting each other from time to time.


In this week, we have to pick our group. Majority of people just go with the people who are on their table. I am in a group with Ali, James and Matas. Our group name is “Back & Forth.”

This week is about researching and finding sources. Distinguishing between sources (what is most useful for us?). Using sources in our work referencing. Most importantly, refining our ideas and making plans for our pitch next week.



Succeed at Solent gives you a quick tip on how to get the best out of your research.

Sources that would be useful:

  • Library catalogue
  • BBC Sounds
  • LinkedIn Learning
  • Google Scholar

Top tip: when read through Wikipedia click on the reference to check if the source is reliable.

Group Work:

We shared our ideas about how to make a good show based on listening to Radio Sonar:

  • good interaction with presenters
  • ice breaker
  • jingles
  • sound effects
  • sound scape + textile
  • audience involvement – social media interaction live
  • avoid silence
  • avoid talking over each other
  • open ended questions
  • listen & respond


Next week we will be pitching our ideas for our podcast and get feedback from our tutor and peers. We need to do:

  1. identify our chosen SU society and have made contact with them
  2. identify three key facts/points of interest about our chosen society
  3. identify 3 sources of research that we can draw on.
  4. group contracts and participation logs – how to make them work for us
  5. finding fitting roles for all group members
  6. agree a plan of action for the coming week.

For our pitch, we need to produce something that have:

  • a sense of our chosen society (why are they interesting, who is involved, what do they do etc.)
  • who we are planning to include in our show (main interviewee and ideas for vox pops)
  • what thoughts do we have about the creative direction of our show.


Reflection time:

I feel pretty confident of what I will be doing, as I can transfer my skills from last year to this year. I am happily to take in any role but from observation of my group personality it seems like being a presenter would be the most suitable thing for me and the group because I am the most talkative person in the group and I have the qualities of a presenter already. Least suitable role for me would be a producer because organisation skill is not my strongest point but I am happy to take the role and improve my weakness for the best of the team. My plan of action this week is to get in contact with the society and try move things forward as much as possible.



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