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Krisana Polyotha

Producing feedback:

For the pitch (30%), I’ve got B3 as my grade. Things that I did well in were:

  • Very focused and persuasive presentation that sets out a compelling argument from the start.
  • The semantic analysis of the copy that accompanies programmes shows that I starting to get the grip with the concept of the story and the ways in which it is presented.
  • PROFESSIONALISM AND PREPERATION: Work demonstrates independence in setting some objectives beyond those given.
  • DELIVERY: Presentation and structuring of material appropriate to context and purpose. Communicates clearly. Referencing consistent and accurate.
  • RESEARCH AND USE OF QUOTATION: Locates a wide range of information. Accurate in breadth, with depth in several areas. Exercises judgment in selection and analysis of quotation/information with some evaluation and application of learning to different context(s).
  • MEETING THE BRIEF: Competently uses all the required specialised scholarly and practical skills with evidence of more developed ability in some areas. Sustained attempt to respond to the brief.
  • ANALYTICAL SOPHISTICAITON: Investigation generates well-founded conclusions. Reflection generates a number of critical insights.

Things I need to look out for in the future:

  • Sometimes I don’t need the graphs and tables. Just use the headings with references. This might help with focus and managing the audience engagement.
  • I should think about short form (around 5 minutes) and specifically how this could be pushed out as content on social media and how social media can bring new viewing experiences to the channel.
  • Right at the start I set myself some goals, but it takes me a long time to get to them. Perhaps the shear amount of information I amassed during my research weighted me down. As an improvement, I should try avoid include everything, and handpick the most valuable research materials.

For the report (70%), I’ve got a A3 as my grade. Things that I did well:

  • This is a well presented urban drama that captures the tone and the mood of the location and the people who live there.
  • PRESENTATION: Presentation of work appropriate to context and purpose.  Referencing consistent and accurate.
  • WRITING STYLE & STRUCTURE: Appropriate organisation of work to context and purpose, communication clear.
  • RESEARCH/USE OF QUOTATION: Explores and deploys information from a wide range. Accurate and coherent in breadth of research with depth in many areas. Exercises judgment in selection, analysis and evaluation of quotation/information and application of learning to different context(s).
  • MEETING THE ASSIGNMENT BRIEF: Competence in all the required specialised scholarly and practical skills which exceeds expectations for this level in some respects. Response to brief is sustained and efficient.
  • ANALYTICAL SOPHISTICATION: Thorough investigation generates well-founded conclusions. Reflection often critical and insightful.

Things I need to look out for in the future:

  • I need to tightly woven up the story together.
  • Have a better understanding at structure, character development, narrative arcs and so on.
  • I can do this by read a books about screenwriting, dong LinkedIn learning courses, going to workshop and importantly having a go.
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