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Krisana Polyotha

Feedback from Photography

For this portfolio (60%), I’ve got B2 as my grade. Things that I did well:

  • Good philosophy as a student, as I am a hard working and well disciplined student.
  • My decisions on choosing colour and font styles were suitable to each other.
  • For technical competence: I am certainly a capable photographer, as I able to work and direct with model.
  • Professional and preparation: I would be in the A category.
  • Design and development: good judgement.

Things I need to look out for in the future:

  • I change my idea way too much.
  • Explore the typography a bit more.
  • Layout on content page can be better.
  • Be careful of the focus.
  • Shadow can be filled a bit more with reflector.
  • Analytically imagination: can find a deeper meaning of colour black a bit more.

For this critical reflection (40%), I’ve got C1 as my grade. Things that I did well:

  • Presentation: nice clean cover page
  • Good structure.
  • A lot paraphrasing.

Things I need to look out for in the future:

  • Header and footer page number is needed.
  • Grammar needs to improve, like tense.
  • Spellings and words choices hinder the understanding. I need to be more of thoughtful on this a bit more.
  • Language structure needs to improve. By follow pros, cons, why, theorist to back you up or argue against. If you see this again what would you do. etc.
  • Use page number for Harvard.
  • Avoid descriptive.
  • Harvard should be in alphabetically order.
  • Hand pick something that you can really analyse on.
  • Gibbs reflective cycle would be really helpful.

In conclusion: my critical reflection is my biggest weakness. Therefore, I need to learn how to write analytically, and improve my grammar too.

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