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Krisana Polyotha

Editing lecture 1.0

1st day back to 2nd semester!

Not going to lie I do feel a bit broken coming back to the UK after 3 weeks in Thailand with my family over the Christmas holiday. But what can I say? I just have to keep hustling! Also, I feel pretty excited coming back because I feel like my creativity is a bit rotten up after eating too much food and too much spa and relaxation. Can’t wait to challenge myself!

So in today’s seminar we had a level 4 briefing of the second semester.

We have been introduced who is our course rep are and also who is the best person to approach when we need help in the future. For now, it’s Morgan Warren, Carmel Wolley & Andrew Menhennet for course reps. Also, Matt Lea is our Level 4 Tutor and then there is Roy who is our Course Leader for like a really serious situation.

This is the structure for my course at Solent University.

For this semester:


• Jamie Clarke & Graeme Herwig are the lecturers for this unit.

There are two pieces of assessment on this unit as follows:

AE1 Portfolio 1 – Your own edit 3 minute edit of pre-recorded documentary footage with an accompanying 1000 work justification. Hand in: Monday 16th March by 4pm.

AE2 Portfolio 2 – Your own edit 3 minute edit of pre-recorded fictional footage with an accompanying 1000 word justification. Hand in: Friday 24th April by 4pm.


• Martin Hughes & Frankie Murdoch are the lecturers for this unit.

These two assessments are what we will be undertaking on this unit:

AE1 Practical: Plan, produce and edit a short (Mid Hants Railway) corporate video of 3-5 minutes duration to a professional standard following instruction provide by your tutor – deadline 4pm, 3/4/2020

AE2 Critical Reflection: individually write a short critical reflection on the creative process (1500 words +/- 10%) following guidelines provided by your tutor – deadline 4pm, 24/4/2020 [40%]


• Maja Hill & Louise Morrell are the lecturers for this unit.

We will be undertake two assessments on this unit:

AE1 Website: a clickable working prototype for a website designed by you with supporting documentation – deadline 4pm, 5/5/2020 [60%].

AE2 Presentation: a pre-recorded vlog and live presentation – deadline 4pm, 26/5/2020 [40%].

However, for this year we’ll just be designing and mock up my personal brand and website. Whereas, next year we will focus on personal brand and website live online. Also, we need to prepare £20-£30 for domain and hosting. However, I’ve already done a website and it has a domain. But there is still some room for developing my website.

This is what we’re meant to be doing.
This is what I will be ended up doing.
Just in case, I wanted to be a better version of myself. Because we always have a choice.

How is my degree calculated?

The best 100 credits at Level 6 (weighted 70%)

+ the best 100 credits from Levels 5 and 6 (weighted 30%)

Classification boundaries:

69.5% or more: First Class

59.5%-69.49%: Second Class (First Division) i.e. 2:1

49.5%-59.49%: Second Class (second Division) i.e. 2:2

39.5%-49.49%: Third Class

I need to collect over 100 hours of work experience over the next 2 and half year! I can do this by going to Solent Creatives, Solent Future or LinkedIn.

Other opportunities to get involved is to go to Production Market Place to assist on L5 and L6 productions. Degree Show help set up the degree show. Volunteer for other events: The Evolution of Story Symposium, and Music Production Showcases.

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