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Krisana Polyotha

Online and Profession 1.0

This is the Online Production and Professional Practice. Our lecturer is Louise Morrell, she will be working alongside Maja Hill to help us develop ourselves professionally and through the assignment for this unit.

To have a career goal will help me pursue the career of my choice. My first step has already begun by starting this course at Solent University. Once I have defined my career goal, it will help you to come up with effective plans of action.

Career goals should be kept realistic to keep yourself motivated and determined to achieve my dreams.

Here are some examples of career goals:

  • Networking
  • Enhancing my skills
  • Learning new skills
  • Gain experience through work
  • Improving my confidence
  • Being more proactive
  • Growing my network
  • Managing my projects
  • Getting that dream career

What is my career goals?

My career is to get involve in media industry, especially filming because that would be a blessing. Therefore, I need to start making a lot of videos to build up my portfolio and attracts people who are like-minded.

What is my desired career?

My desired career is to get involve in a projects that would make a positive impact to the world. For examples:

  • Make documentaries to help endangered animals.
  • Create adverts that would raise awareness of our negative actions (global warming, mental health, and etc.) towards the world.
  • Design an app to make people better mentally and physically.

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