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Krisana Polyotha

What I’ve learn from ‘podcasting as a distinct medium’ book

Page 24:

Podcasters still used traditional protocols associated with [radio] broadcasting. E.g. DJ Banter, back announcing and talk show format. This suggests podcast still follow the traditional radio format even though we’re not using the same delivery technology like we used to. 

Podcasters have more freedom of controlling their contents, as they don’t have to get an approval from commissioners and follow the rules that are set by producers.

Based on (Podcasting as a distinct medium) survey:

  • 3% self-identified of someone who makes ‘radio’
  • 49% described their activity as making podcast
  • 32% making media content
  • 14% entrepreneur

In conclusion: podcast is 16 times more popular to create than radio. Nevertheless, I’m quite interested in who was involved in this survey, where did they asked these people and when. This is because survey can have different respond from people depending on different environment, time and space,

Page 27:

Bill Gates (the road ahead, 1996) suggests ‘new media transfer content over from other media’ This implies podcast is a development from radio. In addition, you can see how other form of media can influence professions. E.g. Graham Norton who is radio presenter and TV presenter. Therefore, podcast can be cross over with Video-On-Demand. For example Vox media created plenty ‘Explained’ podcasts. Now, they started to create video contents on Netflix too.

Gates also suggests that content must be authored for the space. E.g. niche in the market. For example, Vice media would specifically target young adults. In addition, majority of new form of media target markets are aiming at younger audience. The most successful one is Disney company, who started Disney+. Many people believe they will rival Netflix and Amazon in the future. Which is possible as Disney have access to top grossing franchises e.g. Marvel and Star Wars. Nevertheless, Disney+ do have a limitation, as they can’t produce something like 18+ or have a content that kids can’t watch. On another hand, that wouldn’t stop Disney from making money because the bidding war with Netflix and Amazon of having rights showing contents for adults can be bid through other Disney’s sub company like Hulu. Whom have a target market of 18-49. This Video-On-Demand will reflect the future of podcast too. On which platform will gain the most audience, is it going to be Spotify, YouTube Music, Apple, Deezer or other that have not been discover yet? Who knows Disney might ended up being a parent company for one of the audio platform or ended up creating one.

Fun facts from

‘The Interactive Advertising Bureau recently estimated that podcast industry revenue grew by 53 percent last year and is projected to reach $1 billion by 2021.’ (2019, S. Owens) This maybe effected by Covid-19 positively and negatively because look at Netflix, they’ve gained more viewer due to lockdown. This may have a mirrored effect on audio platform. Nevertheless, audience may consumes more video than audio. As some audience are listening to audio when they’re doing task along the way.

Later S. Owens (2019) suggests ‘Vox Media, which over the past few years has launched over 150 podcasts on topics that include technology, politics, and sports. The audio medium is now an eight-figure business for Vox.’ Vox able to exploit that niche market so well, that is has become very popular that they have started to create video contents on Netflix. This link back to Gates’ ideology of media borrowing content from other media. However, it is not just borrowing but media company are trying to expand their conglomerate empire to as many platforms they can, to gain the most customers, whom will help them gain the most revenue.

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