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Krisana Polyotha

Disney+ is not for kids anymore.

On 23rd February 2021, Disney+ is launching a new section called STAR. Where it will contain a lot more shows that are not aiming at younger audience.

Of course, there are going to be parental controls. Where subscribers can now stop their kids from watching something that they’re not allowed to despite how some of the old Disney cartoons are slightly inappropriate for the current generation. But at least they do warn you before you start watching it.

Now Netflix and Amazon Prime are going to have a difficult time competing with Disney+. There will be many shows that have won a lot of fans’ attention in the past that can rise to popularity again, like Lost —also award-nominated shows like Atlanta, and many more.

The only thing that would persuade subscribers to continue paying for the content is their Original Shows. Netflix has discovered that creating their Original Shows is the best way to keep their subscribers and long-term solutions for not paying the rights to show some of the shows. Not long ago, 72nd Emmy Awards, Netflix have broken a record for the most nominated platform. But that doesn’t mean Amazon Prime and Disney+ are not trying to do that; there are shows like The Marvellous Mrs. Maisel (Amazon Prime) and Mandalorian (Disney+) that have been getting Emmy’s attention. Now adding STAR to Disney+ just going to enhance the game.

Online Stream Service is not going to just nominate the future; they are already here. All the old TV channels are shifting online. Did anyone remember how paid cable TV was a thing? SKY is joining the Online Streaming Service game now. Even YouTube started charging people to get rid of their ads and wonder where they got that idea (Spotify…). Don’t get me wrong, I think YouTube start doing 2 ads per go on purpose. To gain more money from an advertisement by adding 1 extra slot. Also, pushing the viewers to pay extra to get rid of them to stop wasting our time watching an advertisement. This is very creative, not going to lie. Besides, YouTube is creating its own originals content too. They got Robert Downey Jr. to come to do a factual show about the future and tech (that’s expensive).

YouTube is similar to Amazon Prime because you can watch every show out there, but you might have to pay by renting it or buying it unless it part of the subscription. The less expense shows shifted around depending on what’s part of Prime and not. Popularity trends of the consumers are the key. They have to buy the rights on what show can compete with their rivals. Weirdly, this changes depending on locations. USA Netflix gets access to shows differently to the UK. The UK would get something different from Germany, and so on.

Disney+ is currently testing and teasing consumers around the world at the moment. STAR add-on is going to be released on 23rd February. But that’s only been confirmed for the UK. Similarly, just like the time when Disney+ was announcing on releasing their online platform. Some parts of the world will get access to it first. Nevertheless, this is truly exciting. But does that mean show like Logan and Deadpool will end up at Disney+ now because they’re expanding their audience demographics? We’ll just have to wait and see.

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