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Krisana Polyotha

First Pixar LGBT+ film.

Social media and critics are going crazy with Luca being an LGBT+ film. However, Enrico Casarosa (the director) disagreed. According to Ermac (Out, 2021), Casarosa said, “So that was kind of part of me thinking about that. It’s also specifically a little bit pre-romance. That was something that I was interested in as well because there’s just that moment that maybe we’re not thinking about boyfriends and girlfriends yet, which is really more about friendships.”

If the film is about friendships. Why is everybody thinks it’s an LGBT+ film?

Firstly, this film was released during Pride month. However, that doesn’t mean every movie released this month is all for the LGBT+ community. But why would the executives decide to release now out of all the dates?

Secondly, the film location is based in Northern Italy, just like Call Me By Your Name (directed by Luca Guadagnino). Wait a minute, the director name is Luca too? Too much coincidence.

[SPOILER ALERT] Feel free to skip this paragraph if you haven’t seen the film. However, this is why the audience thinks this is a queer film. The film’s concept is about two friends who are sea monster trying to hide their true identity and blend in with human. This is a metaphor for being gay and trying to blend in with heterosexual. Nevertheless, not everyone who is sea monsters in the film is gay figuratively or metaphorically either. However, if you’re in Luca’s shoes (the protagonist), you would understand that before he comes out of the water. His parents were very reserve and played everything safe. Also, another metaphor that he should not come out and show humans who he really is to avoid getting maltreated. In addition, the film was set in the 1950s. LGBT social movements become popular in the 1960s and 70s. However, the 50s was when it got started, but it was based on self-acceptance and self-help.

Nevertheless, the writer of ‘Save the Cat’ Blake Snyder, has suggested that best friends story is similar to a romantic film because you replace the lover with the best friend. As the majority of the movies will show the protagonist relationship with their loved ones. Therefore, it’s straightforward to get mistaken why Luca is an LGBT+ film.

However, that doesn’t stop fans and the LGBT+ community to point out why this is a queer film. Just check all of these memes.

Additionally, Pixar or Disney haven’t come out and said this is an LGBT+ film because they’re well-known for capitalised on the film industry. Therefore, they don’t want the audience to stop streaming this film in a country that opposes the LBGT+ community. Positively, this would allow the movie to watch legally for the LGBT+ communities in those countries. Negatively, how long will it take for the government to find out and ban the film? Just look at this map of countries that oppose gay rights.

Nonetheless, Luca might be an unintentional queer film or not. It will depend on the audience. We all can watch the same thing but have a different interpretation depending on our identity, background, experience etc. This is called CAT (Communication Accommodation Theory), developed in the 1970s by Howard Giles. Therefore, not all of the audience might think this is an LGBT+ film. In conclusion, I don’t think it really matters if it is or not. As long we all enjoy watching the movie, that’s what really matters.

Additionally, Luca is not the only thing on Disney+ that promote LGBT+ this week. Loki just came out and admitted he is bi-sexual. In one scene, Loki confesses he used to mingle with the “princesses and princes.” This is very big for the MCU because he is the first character to admit it on the screen. In addition, this Loki character is very close to the Norse-god Loki, as he is gender-fluid. So far, Loki has the best opening to an MCU series with the rating of 9.1/10 and 8.9/10 on IMDb in the first two episodes exploring the concept of time, god, and faith philosophy with sprinkles of sci-fi. You can tell how prepare the writers and producers are when they release the 3rd episode just before Pride day. This is because they can easily make Loki admits that he is bi-sexual in the first two episodes. But no, because timing is everything in this show business. In addition, I love how this show decided to do 6 episodes show, just like how the majority of the production of a one-season series are in the UK. As they know, a lot of UK Tom Hiddleston fans will be tuning in. Anyhow, I shouldn’t start reviewing this show yet. Because it hasn’t finished and we should leave this blog for the LBGT+ community. This is their month, and this Sunday will be their day.

Happy Pride Month everybody!

Writer: Krisana Polyotha

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