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Krisana Polyotha

BBC Introducing SRA Chart Show (RadioSonar) 2021/22

It’s an honour to be part of the BBC Introducing SRA Chart show. Yesterday on 21st November 2021. Me and Sophie (our Station Manager) had the opportunity to run social media for RadioSonar. She was running Instagram posts and stories. At the same time, I was posting Twitter posts and designing the image for Instagram and Twitter. Nevertheless, Sophie was my editor. She gave me feedback and made a few adjustments to suit the RadioSonar theme.

Here are slides show of the images:

Here are some animated version (sorry for the poor quality):

Nevertheless, there is a better version on our Instagram highlights. Feel free to go check it out! On RadioSonar!

Here are some playful posts on Twitter:

Overall SRA Officer (Hope) was very happy with our engagement and the show. Happy days!

Thank you the SRA Sonar gang 2021/22 for this special opportunity. Hope to be continuing working with you guys in the future!

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