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Krisana Polyotha

How Netflix is falling into the same trap as Disney

As an Asian man who used to be an Asian boy. Of course, I was into Anime just like most of my friends in the UK were into cartoons. The most recent show that gets a lot of news would be Cowboy Bepop live-action series (2021). It has got a mixed review. At least it is not as bad as Death Note (2017). Overall, I think the main cast acting really expressed the true identity of the original characters. This is quite hard since Cowboy Bepop characters were initially made for Japanese audience, and the actors needed to communicate for the Western audience.

In addition, the cinematography to production design on this show is near perfect. From camera movement to composition, it is just too artistic. It is like looking at a live-action painting. Also, no surprise the whole show didn’t lose the sense of its original Anime. Yoko Kanno was the original composer for both live-action and Anime. So, the sound and sight on this show are immeasurable. But what was the problem? The problem is that I feel like I’m not watching anything new.

This is just a reboot by Netflix trying to attract new fans who aren’t into Anime. Just like how the younger generation is watching live-action Disney reboot. Netflix is milking its rights to the content they’ve got right now. The interesting question is, would Netflix be able to keep its full rights to the content, when the initial Anime content has been bought by another company like Amazon or Apple? As Netflix is still in a bidding war with a lot of Online Streaming services. Depending on its contract. Some of it is shared. Some of them are only available in certain countries due to the law within that country.

Why shouldn’t we give up hope on Netflix live-action?

Firstly, let’s talk about the Death Note live-action remake. It was produced by an American production company entirely. So, it loses that sense of its originality. The CGI was awful. The lighting was not used to complete effective so there is no sense of Horror genre. The whole story didn’t reflect what Death Note actually is either.

However, Netflix has learned its lesson. This time they did an international joint production between Japan and USA. However, this time, it focuses too much on the original narrative that it basically copies and pastes from the Anime. Nevertheless, the special effect team on Cowboy Bepop is way better than Death Note for sure. I have already shown my love for the cinematography and sound in the blog earlier.

In addition, the next big project Netflix is doing is One Piece (the highest-grossing media franchise of all time, and it meant to be one of big three of Anime), no pressure to Netflix. However, I believe this time it will be run by a Japanese production company entirely. It will be interesting how this turned out. Because the Japanese have been doing live-action development from Anime for decades. In addition, we can’t say much either. Superheroes started from being lousy films, and it didn’t class as good consistently until lately. Now, it has been a global phenomenon!

Therefore, there is still hope. For our audience to watch some tremendous live-action videos. One thing that Netflix have an advantage over Disney is that they have more content internationally. Therefore, Disney is trying to do that by diversifying its main characters and narrative for audiences from different parts of the world. However, Netflix is also learning from Disney how to use intersexuality to full effective. Both of these two are learning from each other. At the same time, these two distributors might not be setting a trap for each other. But, it is us the audience who sets up a trap by paying for the ticket to the cinema for reboot. So, why would studios stop rebooting stories when we keep paying to watch them?

Writer – Krisana Polyotha

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