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Krisana Polyotha

Sound and metaphor

Kahtrin Fahlenbrach suggests “Each acoustic attribute, once introduced by an object or character, is connected to the narrative. Consequently, every acoustic quality can be a separate narrative element.”

After reading Fahlenbrach’s (2008) Emotions in Sound Audiovisual, I have learnt that visual is a physical part of the story, whereas audio is feelings and emotions. However, I partially disagreed because visuals can represent emotions too. For example, a close-up shot of someone crying. Nevertheless, sound designers might produce a semantic network around objects that offer concrete conceptual clues for their audio-visual presentation. Therefore, sound effects can also act as hyperbole on an action of the video.

Moreover, sound pre-symbolic is the meaning of what we see. Therefore, it helps us associate with the feeling the storyteller is trying to communicate to the audience. In addition, a sound is a form of Gestalt Art, and this means it can have multiple meanings, just like how an image can have various semantics. Therefore, both sight and sound need to be carefully assembled. Thus, the storyteller can accurately communicate to the audience.

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