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Krisana Polyotha


On the 10th October, we started a group called ‘Back & Forth’ as there were four of us. This consists me, Ali, James and Matas. Everyone apart from James signed the paper on that day. Whereas, it took James 20 days later to do so. This is because he has one personal issues he has to deal with.

We all agreed on the expectations because it is something that you would see in every professional environment. We added 2 extra values, to make us work better as a team.

The original responsibilities were:

  • Interviewer: Ali and Kris
  • Vox pop: Ali and James
  • Sound Engineer: James and Kris

The reason why Matas name is not on there, it’s because he dropped out of Uni, due to his personal reasons. However, he let us know as soon as he could that he was no longer attending uni. It was a loss but we were able to overcome this easily as we had made little progress. At first James was unreliable, not showing up to production meeting when he said he would, waiting to the last minute to let us know that he wasn’t going to make it, and when he did show he was always late uninterested and first to rush out the door. He never formally tell us he was no longer attending uni, we just assumed when he was no longer replying to messages and we never saw him again. Once it was just the two of us things ran a lot smoother, we quickly delegated James roles and kept going. We both were open with each other, we always showed to meetings and had good and quick communication. – 13th November.

Throughout we had a high standard of communication. Always getting a quick response, and showing up to arrange meetings. We are a good team and managed to get everything done that we wanted. Nothing was left to the last minute so things weren’t rushed. – 4th December.

Here is a transcript:

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