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Audio II

5 ideas for my audio documentary:

  • How Covid-19 effecting young adults.

Pro: There will be a lot of things I can explore on.

Con: The topic is very broad.

  • How pregnancy improve young adults.

Pro: It’s unique from other topic because it’s not virus related.

Con: The subject may not want to get involve because it’s quite personal.

  • Taking a gap year because of Coronavirus.

Pro: the subject has a lot of time to do an interview.

Con: too early to get into conclusion if taking a gap year a good thing or bad thing.

  • Student edition: hospitality vs hospital.

Pro: Allow to explore the biggest issue during coronavirus at the moment.

Con: this topic may not be interesting anymore by the time we get to deadline time.

  • Positive in lockdown.

Pro: get to see how lockdown has improve other people life.

Con: it might not be that relatable for some people.

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