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Krisana Polyotha

Audio II

A new young single mother needs guidance on being a parent and a student at the same time. We searched for people who can advise her what to do and what she shouldn’t do. What is she feeling guilty about? Come and join me and my co-host brother/flatmate, Josh.

There is also an audiogram version:

5 initial ideas for my audio documentary:

  • How Covid-19 effecting young adults.

Pro: There will be a lot of things I can explore on.

Con: The topic is very broad.

  • How pregnancy improve young adults.

Pro: It’s unique from other topic because it’s not virus related.

Con: The subject may not want to get involve because it’s quite personal.

  • Taking a gap year because of Coronavirus.

Pro: the subject has a lot of time to do an interview.

Con: too early to get into conclusion if taking a gap year a good thing or bad thing.

  • Student edition: hospitality vs hospital.

Pro: Allow to explore the biggest issue during coronavirus at the moment.

Con: this topic may not be interesting anymore by the time we get to deadline time.

  • Positive in lockdown.

Pro: get to see how lockdown has improve other people life.

Con: it might not be that relatable for some people.

During production:

My main subject, a single mother and a parent, does not have much time to interview due to her busy lifestyle and mine.

Positively, I have decided to change the interviewee to somebody else. Negatively, she does have a very interesting life.

In future, I need to try make more time so I can have more opportunity to do what I’m interested it.

As a result:

My podcast sounded very robotic. Like an AI informing us about today’s daily news.

Positively, it’s very formal, Negatively, it might sound intriguing towards my target audience.

In the future, just need to be myself.


There was a lack of promotion for my podcast.

Positively, no one has to listen to my awful podcast. Negatively, I need to be willing to make mistake to find my audience.

In the future, just need to be less self-conscious and be willing to make mistake so I can learn and improve myself.

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