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Audio III

At the very beginning of my lecture I did a Isakson Survey of Academic Reading Attitudes (ISARA) and this is my results:

I have to create an audio-based fictional story based on a real location in Southampton for my task. Below is my mind map:

To make this at the highest standard, I need to consider:

  • Playwriting
  • Casting
  • Production management
  • Uses of microphones
  • Sound design
  • Foley
  • Music composition
  • Sound effects
  • Sound studio operations
  • Working with actors, directing, producing
  • Audio post-production.

I want to create a sound that plays around taste and smell. What attracts me the most is something emotional. I need to do something that has closure.

For my creative direction, I’ve decided to use Dan Harmon’s Story Circle as my structure. [See below: slide 1]

My creative decision will have a hybrid plot of the Quest [see above: slide 2] and Tragedy as the motive. With a slight hint of comedy from Christopher Booker’s 7 basic plots book.

I found BBC Sound Effect, and I think it would be quite helpful towards my project. I just I found out about this earlier. [click here] However, I should also try to explore making Foley Sound for the sound I can’t find on the internet. However, to improve my ability as an audio mixer and understand every aspect of the job.

According to Reinis Indans (2019), an interactive story can have different plots and endings depending on what path you chose. Positively, I found this idea very interesting. Negatively, I think this would be very time-consuming for the listener, as some of us want to know all the journey and endings. Therefore, it would be better for me to create one storyline than multiples because this project’s brief is 8 minutes. Despite how the story’s length should be 8 minutes long, the walk shouldn’t be too long, as the listener might get tired and lose concentration in the story.

At first, we were initially going for 4 locations, but it would take 16 minutes. Therefore, we decided we’re doing just two sites. So, we can focus on quality, not quantity.

I had some difficult times writing dialogues. Nevertheless, I’ve decided to go on YouTube and ended up finding some of these videos:

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