What I’ve learn from ‘podcasting as a distinct medium’ book

Page 24: Podcasters still used traditional protocols associated with [radio] broadcasting. E.g. DJ Banter, back announcing and talk show format. This suggests podcast still follow the traditional radio format even though we’re not using the same delivery technology like we used to.  Podcasters have more freedom of controlling their contents, as they don’t have toContinue reading “What I’ve learn from ‘podcasting as a distinct medium’ book”

Online 1.1

For AE1: Web design and personal branding package. Deadline is on the 5th April, 4pm. The requirements of this project are: To evidence the development and prototyping of a design for a portfolio website that incorporates graphic design, visual communication and image manipulation techniques using industry recognised software applications. To editorialise written copy and mediaContinue reading “Online 1.1”

Editing: Post Production 1.3

This session will be about editing and post production workshops. It will be held at JM006. It will includes informative, practical and help take the mystery out of audio-visual / time-based storytelling. My lecturer is Graeme Herwig. Session 1 – Prologue There is no way to edit a film correctly. Ten different editors would constructContinue reading “Editing: Post Production 1.3”