Photography 3.2 (formally 3.1)

Today, it is about aperture & lenses: controlling depth of field and field of view. Aperture controls depth of field (DoF): Depth of field is amount of stuffs that is in focus, at the front and behind the subject you’re focusing on. Portrait should be focusing on the subject, therefore, the background should be blurred.Continue reading “Photography 3.2 (formally 3.1)”

Photography 3.1 (formally 3.2)

Same as audio sessions, 0.1 is now 0.2 and vice versa. I still have Matt and Frankie as my lecturer. In Matt’s seminar today, we will be looking at photographic composition and how to improve upon the design elements of my photography. We will look at the following: composition subject placement the rule of thirds leading linesContinue reading “Photography 3.1 (formally 3.2)”