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Krisana Polyotha


Week 1:

Online this week is a little bit strange I think. There were a lot trainings on lighting. It feels like more related to video and photography than online work. Nevertheless, I do find it interesting on how I can corporate this into my fictional video work for next semester. Also, maybe this is going to link to how I can create a vlog of myself speaking about myself in a presentable way.

Now we also have a new system of booking equipment at the hatch. I feel like we could of started this ages ago because queuing up at the hatch it’s a joke… at least covid-19 can give us a positive impact indirectly!

Also, cleaning the products! I feel like this should happen ages ago. You don’t know what other users been touching. In addition, it kind of give a level of respect to the equipment you’re using. Especially, when it’s not yours.

Smart Goals:

My specific goal is to get involve as a junior producer.

I can measure this by on how many films/shows I will be involve in (including low budget and students works).

I can start somewhere small, working at a student level and get involve with indie low budget films.

This is relevant to my long term goal to work in film industry or big corporations like Netflix.

Try get involve with at least 3 films/shows as producers before graduate.

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