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Krisana Polyotha


Last year, for photography I created series of images called ISOlation.

After this project, I wanted to work in a studio and with people a bit more because I wanted to show my future client(s) that I am capable of working in various environments and projects. Especially, when I was trying to get a collaboration work with fashion students. They tend to ask for my portfolio but they tend to choose people who has more experience than me. However, I was lucky to get the opportunity to work with a couple of them.

My first ever photoshoot went really well. I made a lot of mistakes. However, I was able to overcome most of the obstacles. I was able to build up chemistry with the model and keep everything professional with my client. As a result, she wants me to be her photographer again for 2nd photoshoot.

Take 2:

For post-production, I did over edited the 1st photoshoot too much. As an improvement, I decided not to smooth her skin too much and keep her beauty spots to make those images look more natural. In my opinion, it looks so much better.

After Alice Maddison’s photoshoot, I was able to get an opportunity to work with Hannah Eldridge. It’s great because those two had completely different concepts. This is how the images turn out:

During this photoshoot, everything went really well. Apart from the floor, because it has a lot of foot marks. Thanks to the creation of YouTube tutorial, I learnt on how to make the floor looks so much whiter and cleaner.

Nevertheless I needed to build a portfolio even bigger and better. Especially, when I have to compete with other photography student.

Then, I posted this on Overheard at Solent:

I was able to meet up and talk with many people. Positively, this make me feel so much more comfortable to interact with clients, as a professional photographer. Also, most of them are happy for me to produce my own style and theme. Which is great because it would allow me to build up a portfolio that I wanted. However, my very first clients are my housemates because their times are the most suitable to mine, less travel and chemistry doesn’t need to be developed. Here are some pictures from my first shoot:

As I am unable to book a studio until week 7. I have to utilise on what I have. For now, I decided to stick to street photography. From my first photoshoot, it got dark really quickly because we’re in autumn season. As a result, I have to increase the ISO way too much and the images looks very grainy. As a improvement, I decided to take my next two models out during midday. In addition, Matt told me that my photoshoot needed a narrative. I founded out later, that black clothing is the most popular wear out of the shades and colours. This is the reason why from this point, you’ll see all the models wearing all black.

I decided that I only want a model within the frame because the images looked too busy, the viewer might not be able to focus on the main subject, which is black clothing. Also, it’s aesthetically pleasing to see a different colour or shade at the back because it allows us to focus on the subject really well. As an improvement, Matt told me to positioned the camera and make it level with the model to make the background looks level and parallel.

This time I wanted to show that black clothing is for everyone. So, I decided to recruit 2 female models. However, one of the things that I have to deal with is the wind. Along the way, I discovered to take an advantage out of your disadvantage. When Millie was flicking her hair, I asked her to used the wind and you can see an example (image 3) above. Nevertheless, I have been dying to use the studio. I am already happy with the images I have. However, I do wanted to try out the studio and compare it to street photography. As a improvement, my narrative is still not valid enough, therefore, I may need to search for a new way to communicate through these images.

As a result, I decided to go for studio photoshoot because my main subjects are able to communicate the narrative better. Also, I’ve changed the narrative from popularity of black clothing to emotions through black clothing because it seems more interesting. As an improvement, I could combined street photography with studio photography. This would allow the magazine to look a bit more colourful. However, it may lose the colour theme of black and plain. If I did add more colour background into it, then my statement of “no colour can over power this shade.” would be more validated. In summary, I am very happy with my photography portfolio because I am now able to show to my future clients what I am capable of.

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