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Krisana Polyotha


My portfolio showcases various projects created throughout my career. See my contact information below and get in touch.

Photography: (ISO)lation

These are the images of all the things left behind by human doing. We create these things, yet we don’t take full responsibility for our actions.


This is our attempt at creating a podcast talking about a Southampton related topic. It was meant to be a comedy show. So if it made you laugh or giggle… that’s great. If not, I’ve failed.

Photography: Alice Madison’s project

Model: Sevdiye Ozlutas

Photography: Hannah Eldridge’s project

Model: Millie Baker

Also, thank you to Adobe Photoshop! Without you, I wouldn’t be able to make the floor looks so white and clean.

Video: Fictional opening squence

My role was as a director for this video

Producing: Urban Drama

Adobe Illustrator: Cartoon art of myself

Photography: Southampton Architect

Short film: Comedy

Written, Directed, Edited, and Produced by me

Podcast: Documentary

Audio: A Single Student Parent

Producing: Ecocide

Producing: Transmedia

Let’s build something together.

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