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Krisana Polyotha

Producing III

I need to come up with a YouTube Channel idea:

  • Reaction video of how misleading the subtitle on YouTube is.
  • Expanding of my podcast brand website. Talking about current issues and pop culture for the young generation within the UK society.
  • Alternative or Parallel Universe News. Say something opposite to the news. Dress completely different.

Evaluate what is already in the market place:

There are two types of successful Youtube Channels. Corporation YouTube channel that represents a business or independent YouTuber. The ones with Unique Selling Point (USP) are the ones that gain the most consistent viewers.

There are a lot of reaction videos out there. But I haven’t seen any popular video reacting to subtitles videos, especially UK rap videos. YouTube subtitles tend to mislead from what the rapper is saying. I guess partially is the accent + UK slang + speed that does not allow the AI subtitle to catch up with the music videos themselves.

I recently started a podcast about “how to be a student parent?” but I have created K Production above that. A Production website aims at a younger audience, where I will be talking about on-going issues with the UK society—also talking about pop culture to brighten up people’s day. My YouTube channel can be an extended version of my podcast.

Alternative or Parallel Universe News is the idea of mocking today’s news. I would be saying something opposite to the report. For example, UK has decided to stay in the EU. Hillary Clinton won the USA election in 2016, etc.

Those 3 above are the channels that I would like to influence my decision-making.

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