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Producing and Managing Web Content

I’m now a social media marketing intern for Solent TV.

We’re working in a group of 3, and there is me, Joshua Falconer, and Carmel Woolley (team leader).

I expect my group to produce work at the highest standard of our ability, maximise our potential as a student from this module. However, what I’ve found challenging was the lack of information from the client. Therefore, I need to particular research on Solent TV.

Audience targeting is the ability to take your broad audience of proposed customers and divided it into groups based on different criteria, including online behavioral characteristics, demographics, interests, and intent. These also refer to buyer personas. I need to keep in mind while producing targeted ads or content so that the marketing materials can have the business’s high ROI (return on investment).

According to M. Anderson [] these are 6 traits of good copywriting:

  1. It tilt your perspective
  2. It finds connection
  3. It has a stunning lead
  4. It is born out of listening
  5. It avoids jargon and hyperbole
  6. It cut out excess
This board was created by our team members to give us a clear understanding of each other and what we’re trying to achieve.

YouTube Premiere is a great way to build hype on the release date of a video you’re promoting. [click here] To find out how.

Quick easy tips on how to utilised YouTube Premiere.

According to Chen from Sprout Social, demographic statistics are a fundamental piece of data for any marketing strategy. The table below dictate what social media platforms would be suitable for the videos we are promoting.

According to, there are 3 strategies Hero, Hub and Help.

  • Hero: it is a campaign that happens a couple of times a year, like a seasonal launch. Its purpose is to gain potential customer’s attention by creating a creative message to enhance the brand.
  • Hub: are constant publishing contents that your audience keeps coming back to engage with it in some form. Its purpose of maintaining a continuous relationship with your customers by creating serial production throughout the year.
  • Help: is flexible content that releases at any time of the year to answer any questions consumers raised.

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