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Krisana Polyotha

Producing 1.1

In this unit, we’re being assessed on:

AE1: Research Presentation, due at 4pm on 8th Nov 2019.

  • Research Presentation
  • 5-6 minutes
  • Grade individually but it’s a group presentation
  • Worth 30% of the unit

Assessment task:

I need to imagine working for a UK production company as a junior member of a team. I have been given a task by an Executive Producer to research BBC Three as a potential target for future commercial opportunities.

I have been tasked to find out as much as I can about the channel and to report back with evidence to support a content development strategy for your employers’ company. What is the channel looking for, what works and what are the gaps in the BBC Three’s content strategy, what are the opportunity?


AE2: Pitching Package (report), due at 4pm on 13th Dec 2019.

  • Pitching Package
  • 1500 words
  • Grade individually
  • Worth 70% of the unit

I will present an individual written, pitching package, a commercially recognisable document that follows a format and structure that will be familiar to industry professionals.

My programme idea should be targeted at BBC Three and should respond to a clearly identified gap in channel’s commissioning strategy.

It should be a well designed industry facing document that is ready to take to market.

CUP413: Producing I: telling stories

In this unit, we’re going to:

  • Differentiate a range of story structures, narrative approaches and applied techniques.
  • Evaluate the appropriateness of differing ideation tools and techniques to the media production context.
  • Communicate creative ideas through common professionally recognised formats.
  • Work individually and as part of a collaborative team to develop skills in communication, negotiation and presentation.

We will be:

  • Coming up with ideas
  • Pitching them to your peers
  • Writing
  • Re-writing
  • Researching
  • Discussing
  • Analysing



  • Identify the work/concept.
  • Convey a minimal summary of its contents.
  • To provoke the reader’s curiosity.

Log line:

  • Is used to pitch your story in one sentence.
  • It reduces the story to a “hook.”
  • It indicate the full narrative arc (the story’s beginning, middle, and the end).
  • It reveals character, goal, conflict, and theme.
  • It has an obvious “hook” and make us want to see the media content.


  • Is an overview of the entire story from beginning to end.
  • It’s useful in finding the essence of the story because it must state very briefly and simply WHO,WHAT and HOW.
  • Within the space of one paragraph of a few sentences the synopsis should set out whose story it is (the protagonist), what their problem is, what they do about it and the outcome.
  • The synopsis also establishes the other major characters and their lines of conflict, what is at stake for these characters, the setting in time and spaces and the major turning points of the story.


  • An outline is a breakdown of the story or narrative from beginning to end.
  • It includes details of what needs to happen and why.
  • It gives information about background and tells the reader what to expect.
  • It describes what the viewer will see and hear.
  • It can be two to three paragraphs or longer but should never be more than a page.

AND HERE IS OUR GROUP CONTRIBUTION of 2+1 (with Elizabeth and Simone):

Trouble [click on this]

Why brainstorming doesn’t work?

  • Production blocking = we can’t all talk at once.
  • Eco threat = people hold back because they are anxious they may appear to be foolish so hold back on their best ideas.
  • Conformity = one or two ideas raised are popular so everybody jumps on the bandwagon as opposed to suggesting other radical, different ways of thinking.
  • Dominators = tries to assert authority or superiority in manipulating the group or certain members of the group.


  1. Heads down, silent 3 minute brainstorm using post-its.
  2. Take turns sharing your ideas.
  3. Categorising and discuss.
  4. Identify most interesting ideas.
  5. Document the Brainstorm.





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