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Krisana Polyotha

Photography 1.2

In this week, I will get familiar with the expectations and design of  the unit with advice on how to approach both assessments. I will start by working in groups to get to know my classmates and develop ideas for a narrative. We will discuss time management techniques and how to navigate the creative process.

The purpose of this unit is for us to gain a through understanding of how to plan and compose successful images. Lecturers will encompass both practical and formal elements. For us, we will learn about the use of lenses, apertures, shutter speeds and how to use basic studio lighting. During this unit, we’ll also be introduced to the work of a number of influential photographers, and will be taught how to discuss the production methodologies and techniques deployed by these photographers. We will be encouraged to apply our knowledge of other photographers working methods to their own images.

By the end of this unit, we will be able to:

  • Understand how different working methodologies in photography relate to the form and composition of photographic images.
  • Evaluate your photographs in context with the work of other photographers.
  • Use a variety of appropriate photographic and lighting techniques, including the use of DSLR on manual settings, in order to produce successfully composed photographs.
  • Deploy time management skills learnt in the planning process for organising a photo shoot.
  • Reflect critically on my work in written form.

If we need help or missed something during lecture. Positively, there is SOL (Solent Online Learning) where we can get access to CUP412 (Photographic Production: Form and Composition).

AE1: Photographic Portfolio:

  • Photographic series (6-8 photographs)
  • 200 words summary
  • 60% of this unit
  • Due at 4pm on 4th December 2019

Assessment task:

Create a portfolio consisting of an edit of 6-8 images, which have a clear link between them. We will be evaluated on how well the photographs work as a series, our technical competence, and our narrative/communication.

It must:

  • Be a collection of photographs in the form of a themed series that explores a self-set chosen topic.
  • Be submitted as a combined PDF (all images resized to A4 at 300 ppi) which includes a title page and a short statement (200 words) of artistic intent.

It should:

  • Consider the notion of genre and audience.
  • Be coherent and consistent in its presentation.

It could:

  • Target a specific platform for communication of my ideas i.e. through advertising, editorial, a physical or virtue exhibition, a printed or online publication or mixed output.

AE2: Critical Reflection:

  • 1500 words
  • 40% of this unit
  • Due at 4pm on 11th December 2019.

Assessment task:

Write an individual critical reflection of the creative decision-making processes involved in my photography project. It is up to me what I reflect on but my piece should mirror the narrative of my learning on this unit.

I must: reference the content of 3 blog posts I’ve written during the unit and which have been uploaded to my course blog.

I should: edit the document to provide a coherent narrative that threads the material of my 3 blog posts together.

  1. Think about the ideation process and how I came up with my idea. What was the motivation and who were the influencers?
  2. Look back upon preliminary shoots (work in progress) and how my idea developed until I’m eventually settled on a coherent and consistent approach to my series. Why did I make these decision?
  3. Reflect upon the key decisions that were made in putting the final portfolio together. Why did I make these decisions and what were my intentions.

I could: include additional material drawn from my own research and reflection on my practice to enhance and elaborate on my narrative.

This is a link to my weekly planner.

Yooooooooo! Guess who’s the course rep… Me, again!

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