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Krisana Polyotha

Future predictions from a scientist, and a cartoon-writer.

Kaku, a futurist physicist, was predicting three significant changes in the future. His second prediction has a clear link to media, and at the end, he vaguely talks about the entertainment topic, this is what he said:

“So, we’re entering a new era where the internet itself could become ‘brain net’. Brain net could replace digital internet. Instead of zeros and ones, you’ll send emotions, feelings, memories on the internet. And, of course, teenagers will love it. Instead of putting a happy face at the end of every sentence, they’ll put the entire emotion—their first dance, their first date, their first kiss, will be right there on the internet. And that’s going to revolutionise entertainment. Because remember the talkies? When the talkies came, the silent movies went out of business. No one wanted to see Charlie Chaplin when you could hear actors talk. So, movies are nothing but sound and a screen. Think of what will happen when you can feel emotions, sensations—feel what the actor is feeling. Then the movies will seem so barbaric, they’ll seem such like a dinosaur technology once we have brain net capable of sending emotions, feelings, on the internet.” – Michio Kaku (

According to Michio Kaku, he suggests that we’ll be receiving ‘feelings’ to our brains in the future. Remember how I said in my previous blog post that the entertainment industry would explore human’s five senses to feel like we’re in the story. Kaku suggests we don’t need that. We can feel like we were swimming without getting wet or the cold without turning the air con. However, what if the character starts dying and feeling the pain? Is there going to be a regulation on that before we get to handle it? Imagine if you were a Salem Witch getting burnt on the stake. I do not want to be that character.

If we’re going to understand the way actors are feeling thoroughly. Does that mean it is the computer that manipulates our brain to feel that way? Will it scan the actor’s brain make us feel the same way as the actor? Would an actor re-act to a historical figure, or doesn’t it matter anymore because technology will create an artificial actor that looks more like the character? If you go online and search for Vanity Fair, you can see how British Actors were taking the mick out of how some American actors cannot do a British accent. Take a look at Siri. You can now choose to listen to a male or female voice with an option of British, Australian, and American…

In the future, will there be actor vs. A.I.? Then I guess it depends on the person because some of us will prefer a documentary-like where it’s very realistic, or will we choose something entirely fictional where we can escape reality. I guess that’s like how theatre still a niche, compared to screen films with multiple SFX. Don’t get me wrong, and some theatre productions are trying to combine technologies into their work. Some places would have a screen in the background where they don’t rely on cardboard cut objects. Some sites have make-up artists to help with their appearance. Theatre is fighting for that shared market too. In films, they stopped recasting actors to take the role of a character. Alternatively, they choose to do a deep-fake instead. Is this fair to the actor(s) who wants to show their talent and their training to portray a character?

The future is still uncertain, scary, and exciting. What if God(s) were real. Does that mean we humans who created robots have the same responsibility as the great ones (s), or will we be seen as creators? Who can give all the answers and control their faith? I can’t give you an answer to that, but I think I might just come up with a cool sci-fi story concept.

  1. A comedy-drama where actors would have to act for their lives against an artificial actor can pretend to be anyone—fun facts: stunts man are now working with robots to avoid getting a severe injury.
  2. A sci-fi story about how humans have been directing and interfering with other creatures on other planets: therefore, that creature can take caretakers’ role and then pass on the responsibility to different aliens in the future.

What would you rather watch?

Nevertheless, go watch the beginning of Futurama Season 2, episode 8 (Raging Bender) and episode 9 (A Bicyclops Built for Two). The producer Matthew Groening is also a producer for the Simpson, who is well known for predicting the future. Well, that is just the fans saying. He actually stated it’s just his team’s humour and imagination collaborating with their researches. Nevertheless, I want you to watch those two specific episodes [SPOILER ALERT!!] because there is an interactive cinema where the whole crowd gets to direct the character’s decision-making. Well, Groening was not too far off. It’s just the fact now Netflix is the people who are doing it. Positively, it’s more convenient because it would probably avoid the whole crowd fighting each other. Some groups might want to make a logical option to survive, but other people like me probably want to see what it will look like if the character has to face their tragic ending. In another episode, it’s on about V.R games. However, the controller is not linking to our fingertips’ nervous system. Still, it’s our fingertips that pressing the buttons on the gaming controllers.

However, do you actually think it’s the scientist that inspired Hollywood, or is the other way around? I believe it is both ways. Big studios have to ask scientists to advise their movies if it is realistic to do this and that, even though they’re producing sci-FICTION. When you watch or read something, it inspired scientists too. Let’s create a small scenario a kid who was inspired to be the next Ironman, so he decided to study so hard and got to MIT at a young age, and boom, he blew up the world, and we all ended up dead. Just joking. My point is we live in a world where we have inspired each other and shared ideas since the beginning of human civilisation. Trading has been and still is the key to every nations’ economics. The countries that are the richest are countries with the most involvement with trading but let’s not go off track. I am a media student. My point is the future of media is endless. There is no clear what the end is going to be like. We can predict a future. Although there will always be a person who will think, “hang on a minute, let me do this and make it better.” If you have a great idea, go out there and starts sharing it! You can share this blog too. 😉

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